Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Me Day - The Race

Lets get back to speedster story..

Still remember the tergolek2 n berpusing2 word? hold on just a little more.

U can pass this paragraph as it only contain details about the circuit.

So, I was back in my kart after Chau pass it back to me. Going on full attack mode! getting out for first corner, release the throttle a little and hard right. Back full throttle after kart stable and go full throttle for turn 2, and slightly hard left for turn 3 to touch the vertex point. then, straight ur handle and maintain near to the wall in turn 4 right side maintain throttle full. This is part where u should be very brave to cut corners and keep ur kart as near to the side as it is a very sharp two close corners. Next, release the throttle and get ready to have a smooth left turn 5. maintain mild throttle to prevent speed lost and get all the way to farthest right side of the track to regain full speed. Next turn 6 will be high speed right corner, don't even think to release 1mm on your throttle, keep full. try to attack vertex point again and get wide on the exit. but remember, turn 7 is an S turn with turn 8 and turn 7 is quite near to the end of turn 6, so here I do a hard late braking, but need to remember not to spin here, quite numbers of people spung on their braking. I did spung also on my first run. So, after clearing S turn for 7 & 8, full throttle and get wide to gain full speed until next turn 9. Here where the part I still didn't figure out on how to tackle. Hard braking will sure help to maintain car balance, but I kinda feel like losing speed entering turn 9 is not a good idea as turn 9 wasn't really a hard right after full speed before. But going mild on throttle also result into too much entering speed which bring to some drifting action happen, speed lost of course. Next turn 10, hairpin left side and there u can enter pit at the end of turn 10. Turn 11 is another right side hairpin and slow in fast out for turn 11 is a good idea as u will be in long straight until turn 1 again.

That's how I tried to maintain racing line and prevent speed lost or drift. It may not be the best practice as it is only my opinion as a first timer in real life racing.(not first timer in gaming obviously.haha) After done around 7 or 8 laps, I give sign to Chau to change driver but he asked me to keep going. No idea why, but as he refused, then I will enjoy more. HAH! I feel like I performed better in this last part and I saw people start to get back to office area rather than pit side and I figured the race will come to an end nearly. So, I keep passing several other driver while figuring out to tackle this track more.

Before entering turn 1, it was quite a long straight, so u will enter turn 1 in full speed. I locked on a driver in front me and managed to pass him from outside just before entering turn 1 with full speed. Entering turn 1, my kart misbehave. It understeer badly. Then, I saw front left tyre goes off and I stucked at the side of the track on the grass. The driver I passed before slow down and have a good laugh at me as I'm still trying to figure out what had happen. Following the driver, MY TYRE passed me!

hahahahahaha..then I had a very good laugh and some $#)'0%!"#`+>*!")'#%!

I was really enjoying myself until this happen. I will be recorded as retired maybe. The track staff arrive with his motorcycle to pick me up and he also gave me this weird look. wattahek happen to u man? I can read that from his face. We share laugh as he give me ride back to pit area. On my way to pit area, the checkered flag waved sign the end of race. I retired on last lap. Chau saw me coming riding a motorcycle and he asked me;

"What happen man?"
"My tayar tecabot?"
"Serious man, my tayar tercabot on turn 1, forced to retired"

Then, Kak Wati come and asked;

"Eh2, ape jadi?"
"Tayar tecabot kak!"

Good laugh thrown.

Chau added;

"Damn man, u were gaining positions. We were on 4th then suddenly went down to 5th, that's why I asked u what happen."

So that's why they refused to change driver. I was gaining a good lap time and positions. We were on 8th before I stepped in. Maybe I can get to 3rd if only my tyre didn't tecabot and I can finish my race. hahahahaha..still laughing until now.(now mean until this post was made)(and maybe days later)

I sat down and the news of my tayar tecabot already flew around. People see me and laugh, I knew it! haha. But I'm not ashamed as sure I had real invaluable time racing, only my kart gave up on me and cannot withstand anymore G's.hahaha. Not my fault. This made the day for everyone with good ending, tayar tercabot!

As I'm sitting down and rehydrating, heard the speaker call up for my team name. `Entahla kot` was given by Kak Wati. I thought it was about the accident so Kak Wati stepped up to the caller. Next, she came to me and spoke;

"Amir, u got 3rd best driver award! Nice one."

All I can think is about the accident and they are giving me award for entertaining everyone.haha..fine! Then the price giving ceremony held, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place was awarded with a plague for every driver. Only if my tyre didn't tercabot, then I can get that 3rd place.haha.

Then, award for fastest lap time.

"In 3rd place, with lap time 1:17 (not really sure the lap time as I'm not really focusing), we congratulate, AMIR!!" (applause)

Oh, my name! Alhamdulillah, I was awarded.hahaha. I stand up with a lag because I not really sure if its me that they call. Hardly to believe. With everyone congratulate me, I already feel like a winner. Not bad for first timer for sure yeah?

Until now, I can still imagine my tyre passed me at the side of the track.

Tergolek2 and bepusing2 je tayar tu....*sigh


Didiey Fadhilah. said...

Tayar tergolek golek. Haha!

undrgnd said...

like seriously..tyr tu mcm mengutuk aku je bila dia pass aku blk.. ceh!